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Democratizing content delivery features

The explosive growth of rich media content, applications and the rising expectations of content providers to deliver a highly differentiated "quality of experience" to their customers, requires a fundamental re-think regarding how media delivery networks are architected. Ericsson’s UDN is a global content distribution solution with services that are superior to what typical Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) can provide.

How does UDN work for content providers?

  • UDN gives content owners the best distribution strategy based on their needs; a robust set of delivery services, and the most reliable and fastest network available.
  • Through partnerships that Ericsson has made with global service providers, UDN is able to provide content delivery functionality and other operator-centric capabilities - impossible for other CDNs to offer.
  • UDN provides true end-to-end transparency and control of content, empowering content owners with greater visibility inside the network, and deeper insight into network performance and consumer data.

Key Differentiators

consumer devices


High consistent QoE maintans user engagement and reduces churn. Low latency enables adobptions of next generation consumer devices that require real time performance.

development of services


Visibility into content delivery provides better insight into end users consumption behavior, allowing the development of services that best meet end user needs.

toll free media delivery

Embedded operator functionality

Operator services are facilitated on a global scale. Examples include: content pre-positioning, toll free media delivery and LTE broadcast.

economies of scale

Superior economics

Leveraging global and local operator infrastructure to get economies of scale, cost savings passed on to content providers.

toll free data

Value add services

Collaborative service offerings from content and service providers. An example is toll free data.

content provider boost program

Content provider boost

The content provider boost program allows content providers to grow their regional and global footprints by placing their applications on connected TV’s.

Last-mile media delivery

Delivery of large file video and software assets. The Media Delivery service enables customers to deliver large files including video and software binaries to end users around the world.

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Secure delivery (HTTPS)

Delivering content with a SSL certificate. The Secure Delivery value added option allows customers to use their private SSL certificate in order to securely deliver content over the UDN platform.

Content targeting

Geographic and network-based permission. Content Targeting enables customers to create restrictive policies around content distribution. The targeting feature interrogates the end user’s IP address and makes intelligent decisions based on their geographic and network attributes.

Token authentication

Token Authentication allows customers to limit content access with a URL token value. This unique token value is embedded in the URL by the customer’s origin website that, in turn, is used by the delivery platform to enforce access rights to the underlying asset.

QYOU Media is standing out in OTT

User-generated content from QYOU Media is grabbing attention on the OTT market with some help from UDN.

Endemol is ready for the future

With UDN, Global producer and distributor Endemol Shine Group can stay agile as the market shifts.

NDTV is transforming Indian media, again

A cornerstone in India’s media landscape, NDTV is moving beyond traditional delivery models with UDN.

CEEK VR is redefining concerts and events

With UDN’s customizable content delivery, CEEK VR creates immersive VR experiences at venues around the world.

QYOU Media

 “UDN’s content provider Boost program is helping us achieve our goal of delivering the best digital-first video programming to our global audience, by reaching millions of connected TVs and hundreds of millions of viewers around the world. There is a huge untapped opportunity for TV and service providers in delivering content that appeals to digital savvy viewers.”

- Curt Marvis, CEO and Co-Founder of QYOU Media

Content provider partners


“We are thrilled for our partnership with Ericsson, which allows the BroadwayHD on-demand line-up of over 200 shows and live stream content to be available through Ericsson UDN’s groundbreaking content provider boost program”

- Bonnie Comley and Stewart F. Lane, Co-Founders of BroadwayHD

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