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Adaptive Inventory for the Agile Telco

Data traffic continues to surge across mobile broadband, enterprise IP and Ethernet, and fixed consumer services. In fact, the June 2017 Ericsson Mobility Report noted that data traffic grew 70% between Q1 2016 and Q1 2017, and monthly mobile data traffic per active smartphone in North America will reach 26 GB in 2022.

Now, cloud technology is accelerating the move to virtualized network functions and network-as-a-service offerings. These trends are taxing not just the network, but the operational processes that operators have long relied upon. These include critical functions that span network planning, order fulfillment, network and service assurance, and reporting.

To succeed in this dynamic environment, agile service providers need an asset management and tracking solution designed to manage communications network and service resources. One that delivers speed, accuracy and insights while providing just-in-time resource availability and a productive user experience – without requiring a team of IT professionals to install and maintain software.