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Application and ecosystem flexibility boosts operational efficiency

Collaboration is key in today’s complex world. Our cloud service makes it easy for third parties to build applications on our platform and we foster an expanding developer community.

Enjoy breadth. Flexible applications built on top of Ericsson’s SaaS platform meet the needs of multiple organizations and roles. Third party-developed tools include apps for field force management and GIS-based fiber network design, allowing outside plant personnel and network designers to collaborate with operations and sales.

Employ tools. Ericsson provides out-of-the-box data migration tools and online training. The open software enables initial inventory data to be loaded from spreadsheets or discovery tools, which simplifies migration and ensures accuracy. Updates can be incorporated automatically through the asset management application or manually, as required. Unification of tools across user roles reduces errors, resulting in increased operational efficiency and maximized resource utilization.

Relish accuracy. Such an agile asset management solution can provide 90 percent or better inventory data accuracy of physical, logical and virtualized elements. Exceptional data accuracy results in operational reliability and error-free customer installations that deliver improved satisfaction.

If you have any questions or want more information about our pilot subscriber program please contact us.