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Gain competitive advantage with a Cloud solution

Ericsson Adaptive Inventory is now available as a simple Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based cloud subscription. It enables operators to scale network and service resource management needs as business requires. All while reducing internal hardware and software costs, and easing the strain on IT staff.

Eliminate costs. The cloud service brings system hardware and software purchasing and management to an end, providing relief from the intricacies of IT administration, such as upgrades, machine sizing, backups, patches and security issues. Ericsson’s Adaptive Inventory cloud solution is highly-resilient, with content mirrored in geographically diverse data centers.

Reduce risk. With a SaaS subscription, operators gain immediate value without having to invest in systems integration or costly IT administration. A cloud-based resource inventory solution grows seamlessly as more capacity is needed, avoiding the need to predict and deploy additional capacity. Risk is also reduced via hourly pricing plans that support ongoing flexibility and agility in how operators address new challenges.

Why spend time tracking inventory and critical dates with spreadsheets when that time can be spent proactively resolving network issues or planning?

If you have any questions or want more information about our pilot subscriber program please contact us.