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Get a complete network and service resource picture

Resource management requires an accurate, 360-degree view of all assets, across all networks and services. This is challenging because logical and physical inventories for wireline, wireless, IP and virtualized networks are in a constant state of flux.

Historical status is important as it provides data for audits, traffic and capacity trending. The present state is important for provisioning, trouble resolution and repair while future state is needed for forecasting and planning.

With a comprehensive, end-to-end view of resources and the relationships among them, business needs can be addressed proactively in real time. For example, managing critical dates provides insights such as:

  • Whether an outage will be service affecting
  • If equipment is reaching end-of-life or end-of-support
  • Asset status during the order-to-build stages 
  • The depreciation status of individual assets or asset classes

Dashboards highlight top-level information with tools to quickly drill down into details:

  • Resource utilization, such as ports available and IP ranges used
  • Asset tracking, including the age and type of equipment
  • Searchable inventory of all assets
  • Data analytics such as associating equipment types to service groupings
  • Task management to create work orders and assign tasks to people
  • Identification of stranded or lost assets

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