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Know your network with visualized data

Complex made simple. The Ericsson Adaptive Inventory cloud service provides a single unified view across networks and services enables high performance asset management and tracking. Graphical views supplemented by detailed tabular information and drill-downs speed decisions. Since all the data is in one place, insightful reports cover the end-to-end network and are easily generated.

Eliminate multi-touch troubleshooting. End-to-end topologies can be constructed dynamically. This is particularly useful for problem management and troubleshooting. The topologies indicate where all connections exist and what customers or services are impacted by an outage. Fix problems with zero- or one-touch.

Combine network and service views. Data can be analyzed at all service and network levels, supporting use cases ranging from planning to troubleshooting to customer experience management. For capacity planning, future network states can be envisioned from the current situation and proposed plans.

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