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Our Asset Management and Tracking portfolio

Ericsson’s Adaptive Inventory cloud service cuts IT costs, increases productivity, supports high levels of security and compresses time to results. It provides an accurate, 360-degree view of all assets, across all networks and services, past, present and future, even as they are in a constant state of change. Our comprehensive network and service management solution enables service providers to plan, design, configure and visualize their services and network.

The cloud solution provides comprehensive, end-to-end visibility of resources and the relationships among them, and can react to business needs in real time. Network topologies can be assembled quickly, new services provisioned, acquired network assets incorporated, networks discovered or restored, and plans made for future needs.Based on the industry’s most advanced solution, Ericsson Adaptive Inventory cloud service is built on a future-proof, extensible framework. The service can be consumed on any desktop or mobile device with a web browser. It is delivered from the Amazon Web Services cloud.

If you have any questions or want more information about our pilot subscriber program please contact us.