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Turn traditional and legacy IT infrastructure into elastic software-defined infrastructure that is lightweight, programmable and endlessly adaptable.

We believe that the largest transformation of IT infrastructure is beginning right now, and it will reshape IT as we know it. No longer just a support function, IT infrastructure will be designed to drive top line revenue growth and strategic advantage. Welcome to the world’s first industrialized hyperscale infrastructure.

Featured offerings

Hyperscale now

For any enterprise going through the digital industrialization; key questions related to datacenter transformation are how to operate with efficiency and how to transform the business.

Cloud system

Cloud System enables businesses to transform their telecom and IT operations so that they can respond to the changing market forces faster and deliver customer value more effectively—all while containing costs to be more competitive.

Data Center Hardware & Equipment Management

  • HDS 8000 is a new generation of hyperscale datacenter systems realizing a disaggregated hardware architecture, using optical interconnect and a new equipment manager for multi-vendor environments. Read more
  • BSP 8100 (NEBS3-compliant) focuses on central office modernization, for hyperscale communication-centric workloads. Read more

Infrastructure as a Service
Cloud Execution Environment realizes the “Infrastructure as a Service” layer in Cloud System. It introduces a virtualization layer to handle the most demanding workloads in telecom and IT. Cloud Execution Environment is an open solution towards applications and infrastructure.

Platform as a Service
Continuum is the world’s first policy-driven “Platform as a Service” for hybrid cloud, supporting deployment, orchestration and governance for diverse workloads across multiple clouds (hybrid, public and private). It addresses speed in terms of deployment and automation across both the application lifecycle and the infrastructure resources.

Converged Cloud
Converged solutions are offerings of pre-integrated and pre-configured applications intended to address specific enterprise IT needs in a data center. Secure Cloud Storage provides accessible, governable, policy-enforced and secure management of cloud storage resources. It integrates the market leading object storage software from Cleversafe and HDS 8000, into a plug and play offering designed for the new storage era.

Data centric Security
Data centric Security takes you from perimeter only security to an industrialized data centric security portfolio through our partnership with Guardtime.

Cloud Management

  • Cloud Manager orchestrates and manages the provisioning, activation and optimization of cloud infrastructure resources to realize virtual service functions and applications. Read more
  • Network Manager: orchestrates and manages both physical and virtual network functions and continue to provide a full suite of end-to-end network management capabilities to multiple domains (NFV, SDN, radio, transport and core). Read more