Analytics-generated insights are increasingly driving successful decision-making for communication service providers (CSPs). Big data is at the core of this opportunity – but the traditional technology view of big data is not enough.

The volume, velocity and variety – or the three Vs – of big data can now largely be handled by a variety of easily obtained tools. Instead, the challenge is to know what needs to be done within the big data analytics platform to create specific value.

Real value comes from knowing which combination of the vast array of data elements reveals the desired insights. This is where deep network and operational expertise are of paramount value. Only when these key relationships are understood can the necessary insights – such as user behavior, network performance and causes of experience issues – be gained.

Storing and processing huge amounts of information is no longer the issue. Rather than the three Vs of big data, CSPs should focus their attention on the three As – insights that are adequate, accurate and actionable.

Big data analytics – actionable insights for the communication service provider