To stay relevant and drive growth in the Networked Society, operators need to change how they do business and serve customers. One essential element in this transformation is service exposure.

Operator service exposure differs from the general IT-focused exposure of an enterprise. It requires a telecom-specific architecture matched with telecom-specific capabilities. Operators need to be able to expose single and composite assets that can be adapted dynamically and in real time, depending on the context in which they are used.

The recommended approach is to use a horizontal technology platform for exposure: horizontal exposure layer service enablement. Having a common service enablement platform to handle internal and external use cases reduces total cost of ownership by simplifying management and maintenance of the platform, and by improving flexibility and time-to-market through reusing previously integrated assets and business logic.

Another key benefit of a service enablement approach is its ability to support the exposure of a combination of assets as one API to an internal service or external actor efficiently and flexibly.

Operator service exposure – enabling differentiation and innovation