By leveraging the power of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN), the Programmable Network Cloud enables operators to transcend the boundaries of the traditional data center without compromising quality.

Cloud-based services provide an opportunity for operators to add value and to improve the timeliness and quality with which they deliver enterprise services and applications. These can include more efficient telecoms offerings, internal IT services or value-added cloud services for consumers and enterprises.

By adopting a layered, virtualized cloud approach – whether centralized or distributed – operators are able to orchestrate the network and cloud in sync with common SDN and operations support systems (OSS) capabilities. This not only optimizes resource utilization, but ensures a truly dynamic service delivery process and improves user experience – enabling a personalized response to changing connectivity requirements in real time.

The Programmable Network Cloud provides these capabilities by implementing a combination of distributed cloud, NFV, SDN and a highly automated network. The result will be an improved experience for both consumers and enterprises, while at the same time delivering greater efficiency, lower costs and higher margins to operators.

The programmable network cloud – enriching the cloud with NFV and SDN