Ericsson Review: no. 02, 2009

    ericsson review No.2, 2009

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    Ericsson Review unfolds and clarifies Ericsson’s technology and product strategy, showing customers how to make technology and solutions work.

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    Advertising solutions

    This article describes scenarios that enable network operators and players in the advertising domain to embrace advertising via telecom delivery channels. It also highlights two of Ericsson’s solutions that are offered as services from Ericsson data centers worldwide: the Ad Orchestrator and Ad Broker.

    High-speed mobile backhaul demonstrators

    With increasing demand for high-capacity mobile data services and a simultaneous decline in revenue per bit, network operators face the challenge of providing high traffic capacity while reducing overall network costs. At the same time, profi table migration needs the availability of high-capacity backhaul solutions. This article presents two high-speed technology demonstrators: one for microwave, a single-carrier GbE microwave link; and one for copper, a 500Mbps vectorized VDSL2 link.

    Converged TV

    Ericsson’s converged TV vision supports operator goals of extending TV service over multiple kinds of access and devices by providing TV services anywhere, to any device, and at any time. Ericsson has developed a prototype that showcases TV services delivered over fi xed and mobile access. It has also demonstrated advanced use cases, such as transferring video sessions and blending TV with communication services.

    Ericsson Composition Engine – Next-generation IN

    The evolution from traditional circuit-switched intelligent networks to an open IMS service layer, and the integration of successful internet services require new strategies and investments. Leveraging the subscriber base and legacy investments is critical in this evolution. The Ericsson Composition Engine provides an environment for managing feature interaction among intelligent networks, IMS, and internet services; it also enables the creation of converged and differentiating applications.

    Achieving a converged service offering for fixed and mobile telephony

    In coming years, virtually every operator will need to update the fixed and mobile network infrastructure. But while the options are truly numerous the best alternatives are not always obvious. And even though the evolutionary paths of transformation differ for fixed and mobile operators, both groups target the same long-term objective: converged multimedia-capable person-to-person service.

    Ericsson Labs

    Ericsson Labs is a new portal on the web that contains beta enablers and applications and provides an open environment for sharing information with application developers, technology partners and consumers. Further, a server infrastructure facilitates live testing. Ericsson Labs thus simplifies the creation of applications for experimental developers and enables them to reach operators.