Ericsson Review

    Ericsson Review, no. 01, 1999

    Ericsson’s Pro products—Adapting mass-market technology to fit specialized needs
    Ericsson’s Pro product family is a value-add overlay that allows wireless operators to augment their service offering with dispatch and group-communication capabilities. As such, it is an ideal replacement for traditional PMR/PAMR systems, and offers a solution to the emerging market of workgroup communications.
    Open communication devices using the EPOC operating system
    Ericsson’s new, open, smart phones and communicators powered by the EPOC operating system will ensure improved usability, promote improved personal productivity, establish an open-application environment, preserve Ericsson’s core software values and capitalize on the high bit rates offered by third-generation networks.
    Mobile Advantage Wireless Office—A digital wireless office system for TDMA/136 networks
    Ericsson’s digital wireless office system was developed especially for in-building communications operating on the licensed 850 MHz cellular and 1900 MHz PCS frequency bands. Because the system is fully compliant with the TDMA/136 specification, any terminal that meets this specification can be used with the system.
    Edge—Enhanced data rates for GSM and TDMA/136 evolution
    The use of high-level modulation to provide enhanced data rates for GSM evolution is currently being standardized by ETSI. Edge is also being adopted for TDMA/136 by the UWCC.
    Ericsson’s e-box system—An electronic services enabler
    As consumers become increasingly sophisticated and mature in the use of information technology, they are also becoming accustomed to having their informational needs satisfied instantaneously. To cater for these needs, Ericsson has developed a new e-service infrastructure, the e-box system, which delivers complete e-services all the way to the home.