Ericsson’s e-box system—An electronic services enabler

    Written by: Tom Idermark, Malte Lilliestråle and Jesper Vasell

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    The emergence of the “connected home” is creating opportunities for incumbent and new players to provide a range of advanced value-added services for residential users. New technology, changing industry and consumer maturity are accelerating the development of the electronic services—or e-services—market. Ericsson has developed a new system for delivering complete e-services all the way to the home. The design is based on a few major principles, expressing what has been considered the most important properties of the system: security, robustness and remote-management capability. The use of standard technologies will allow third-party markets for hardware and services to evolve.

    The authors present an overview of the e-services market and describe the design and architecture of the e-box system, the central part of which is a remote-controlled edge server to be installed in the home.

    [First published in Ericsson Review no. 01, 1999]