Experiences of the live WCDMA network in Stockholm, Sweden

    Written by: Peter Almers , Anders Birkedal, Seungtai Kim, Anders Lundqvist and Anders Milén

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    Spanish PDF file The joint Ericsson and Telia wideband code-division multiple access (WCDMA) evaluation project has given valuable experience in terms of live system performance and general system operation. It has also been extremely valuable in providing early feedback and validating working assumptions for the ongoing development of Ericsson’s commercial third-generation WCDMA system. Furthermore, a number of important system parameters have been fine-tuned to optimize capacity and coverage. The project has also presented a great opportunity for gathering the technical knowledge necessary to support future business cases, and to provide input to radio network planning activities.

    The authors describe a small part of the tests and experiments conducted during the course of the project. Ericsson’s WCDMA evaluation system was built according to a draft of the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) WCDMA specifications, which has since evolved into the international WCDMA standard by the Third-generation Partnership Project (3GPP). The system’s lower layers are more consistent with current 3GPP technical specifications than are the higher layers, and that is why the physical layer has been the focus of the tests.

    [First published in Ericsson Review no. 04, 2000]