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The complete 5G Platform

Get ready for 5G and grow 4G capacity in your network now

Ericsson’s 5G Platform is constantly expanding. By adding capabilities to our 5G Radio Access, 5G transport and Cloud Core portfolios together with our management and orchestration, digital BSS and network services, we offer communication service providers an outstanding 5G solution that is both extensive and flexible. This ensures a smooth and cost-effective 4G to 5G migration. And it enables you to offer eMBB and FWA  5G services as well as make the most of the upcoming opportunities with IoT and industrial applications.

%g Platform infographic

Digital BSS

Real-time charging and billing, digital customer engagement

Management & Orchestration

Network management, automation and orchestration of nodes, networks and capabilities 

5G Access

RAN Compute and baseband, radio, and site

5G Transport

Fronthaul, backhaul, edge, core Cloud Core: Packet core, unified data management & policy

Cloud Core

Packet Core, Unified Data Management & Policy

Cloud Communication

Communication services such as voice, video and messaging

Cloud Infrastructure

NFV Infrastructure for distributed cloud environments

Network Services

Consulting, deployment, support, operations

5G unique insights

5G deployment considerations

Ericsson’s network technology enables evolution from 4G to full 5G deployment through natural, step-wise implementation that balances investments, revenue streams and competitiveness while minimizing risk. Our paper outlines how. Read the new edition with expanded sections on core network evolution and spectrum strategies.

5G consumer business: ready when you are

Mobile broadband is the first use case for 5G. Its introduction will bring increased capacity and improved customer experience. Explore how 5G can improve your consumer business.

5G security - enabling a trustworthy 5G system

Connected devices and mobile applications require wireless network access that is resilient, secure and able to protect individuals’ right to privacy. The 5G system is designed with these requirements in mind. Read our whitepaper.

The 5G switch made easy

Ericsson has the experience, skills and solutions to secure a successful 5G transformation and enable you to unlock your full 5G potential.

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