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Building 5G Networks

5G is happening, now. With the first commercial launches underway, we are preparing and equipping mobile service providers to go live. Our network technology allows mobile service providers to smoothly evolve their networks and minimize the time to market once they choose to switch on 5G.

As with past mobile generations, leading operators are eager to gain a first-mover advantage in 5G. Working with these service providers, Ericsson is leading the development of 5G technologies and the deployment of 5G commercial networks. With our 5G ready hardware and spectrum sharing, dual mode core and orchestration we support a quick and smooth introduction of 5G. We provide business insights to ensure early success and rapid adoption of 5G services for consumers and for industries. That’s how we enable service providers to capture the business growth and cost efficiencies of the improved capacity, density, latency and agility granted by 5G.

"In 2024, we project that 5G will reach more than 40 percent population coverage and 1.5 billion subscriptions, making it the fastest generation ever to be rolled out on a global scale."
- Ericsson Mobility Report, 2018

Ericsson Spectrum Sharing – run 4G and 5G simultaneously.

5G commercial deals

5G commercialization

Our complete 5G platform

Start switching on 5G today with Ericsson’s complete 5G platform. Be among the first to market with 5G and grow 4G capacity in your network. We're ready. Are you? 

Get ready with our 5G platform

5G deployment considerations

How can 5G be rolled out in the fastest, smoothest, and most efficient way possible, while meeting the key objectives of successful coexistence with 4G and continuous growth? Read our view on 5G deployment considerations, which contains newly expanded sections on core network evolution and spectrum strategies, so you can build for the future in today’s networks. 

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Dive into 5G

The 5G business case for enhanced mobile broadband

Enhanced mobile broadband will be the first commercial application of 5G and can help operators improve their consumer business. Our study reveals that the evolution to 5G can enable a 10 times lower cost per gigabyte than current 4G networks.

5G Partnerships

From industry to academia, our partnerships are continuously testing, learning and pushing the boundaries of 5G.

5G trial case stories

We carry out joint 5G trials and proof of concepts with telecom operators globally. Here´s how we're building the networks of the future.

5G security - enabling a trustworthy 5G system

Connected devices and mobile applications require wireless network access that is resilient, secure and able to protect individuals’ right to privacy. The 5G system is designed with these requirements in mind. Read our whitepaper.

The advantages of combining 5G NR with LTE

5G at mid and high bands is well suited for deployment at existing site grids, especially when combined with low-band LTE. Adding new frequency bands to existing deployments is a future-proof and cost-efficient way to improve performance, meet the growing needs of mobile broadband subscribers and deliver new 5G-based services.

Mobile service packaging towards 5G

Amid all the positive signs about the advent of 5G, mobile communications service providers have a number of questions. Are they doing things right today? Should they change their offerings? How should they monetize data traffic and services when 5G comes along? Are there newer and better ways in which to monetize traffic and usage in the future?

Building for the future in today’s networks

Ericsson’s network technology enables evolution from 4G to full 5G deployment through step-wise implementation that balances investments, revenue streams and competitiveness while minimizing risk.  

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