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Personalized Discovery

A hypersmart trusted service that responds to the consumer’s mood and needs, giving an answer to the everyday question: what should I watch next? It learns from preferences, behavior and friends to recommend content that matches the viewer’s taste and connects to their social network, putting everything in one place.

Personalization is a well-used term in our industry -- and rightly so. Understanding and proactively delighting the TV viewer through programmatic and automated means is seen as the one of the greatest new opportunities, yet the art of programming and scheduling has for many years successfully understood the demands and needs of audiences. The future of truly personalized discovery and recommendation will be a mix of extensive metadata, analytics, advanced algorithms and the constantly evolving art of understanding individuals ever better, and consequently matching content to their moods, situations and location. The desired result? To positively surprise and delight them more than anyone else.

Key viewer perspectives

  • A service that offers me only what I want
  • I can see what my friends and favorite celebrities are watching
  • I can search for anything, on anything
  • Surprise me! I want to know before anyone else

Addressing the needs

Meeting the needs of your customers, as they demand just the right content whenever they want, is a challenge that spans more than program guides, analytics, fast searches and links to Facebook. All aspects of channel packaging, on-demand access, geographical boundaries, pricing, and rights will need to adapt to continually outperform your peers while demonstrating relevance to your customer. Underpinning all your future capabilities must be a unified business platform that gives you the agility to change your propositions and promotions.

Personalization Begins With the Content

The term ‘content is King’ will never be forgotten. But our industry also understands that ‘choice is Queen’. With the Networked Society consumer so connected, so available to so many offers and new ways of doing things, it still comes down to the content they want at that exact time. The Networked Society will not just mean more demanding consumers, but actually all new ways of making the content itself.

Knowing Your Customer is a Daily Process

The greatest opportunity for everyone in the Media value chain is to have ultimate consumer advocacy. Having your audience love your content, your brand, your services is paramount. This means outperforming your peers in understanding the audience -- what they want, like and will pay for. It’s the reason we invest so much annually in our ConsumerLab TV studies and have created the ultimate portfolio of ultra-agile solutions to give you the edge.

Personalization Means Mobile First

The most personal device that consumers own is their mobile one. Smartphones and tablets are the first devices that many will want to use with your suggestions for content and their immediacy of consumption. This does not mean that the big screen will be left behind, but as a shared resource it’s always an area of compromise. Our solutions understand this and even make suggestions for what to watch by understanding the needs of those in the room.

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