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Network trends and insights

Approximately 40% of the world’s mobile traffic is carried through an Ericsson network. This unique perspective enables us to produce industry leading research on business and network transformation. Read and download our latest insights, reports and white papers.

Hot topics

Gigabit LTE

By offering Gigabit-per-second download speeds, operators can meet the rising expectations of network performance.

Small cells, big impact.

Our small cell technology is changing the game for indoor coverage, providing future-proof capacity that expands alongside your business.

Fixed Wireless Access

Up to 50% of the world’s citizens are still waiting for access to reliable broadband. For operators, fixed wireless access (FWA) provides a bridge to those potential customers.

Insights and reports

Insights into IoT value chain positioning from leading telecom service providers

Our report, Exploring IoT Strategies, shares insights on how telecom service providers identify multiple paths to IoT revenues and maximize their opportunities within the IoT landscape. Download the report here.

The guide to capturing the 5G-IoT business potential

We turned our insights into a comprehensive guide for operators on how to start their 5G-IoT business. We outline the opportunities, the challenges and the case studies that are emerging from the digitalization of industries.

5G security - enabling a trustworthy 5G system

Connected devices and mobile applications require wireless network access that is resilient, secure and able to protect individuals’ right to privacy. The 5G system is designed with these requirements in mind. Read our whitepaper.

Explore how 5G can improve your consumer business

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