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Turn on 5G with Ericsson’s complete 5G Platform

Be first to market with 5G and grow 4G capacity in your network now

Data-heavy applications like virtual/augmented reality and 4K/8K video streaming are just around the corner. This increase in demand requires an increase in network strength. We're ready. Are you? Our 5G Platform addresses the needs of the first movers in 5G with solutions that enable today's networks to evolve smoothly to the next generation of networks. 

We've released our first commercial 5G RAN software so you can turn on 5G in your commercial network already in Q4 2018. We announced that the installed base of Ericsson Radio System radios from 2015 onwards are capable of running 5G NR technology with a simple remote software installation. Add to this the new Ericsson distributed cloud approach to accelerate 5G and IoT growth and our strengthened Ericsson Radio System portfolio, and it's clear that we're ready to help you turn on 5G.

New additions to Ericsson Radio System portfolio


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Be the first to deploy 5G

First to market means first to revenue. In fact, a majority of operators that launched LTE first in their market have succeeded in increasing their market share. Creating a 5G first-mover advantage will allow you to strengthen your brand as a technology leader with 5G, capture lucrative early 5G adopters, deliver enhanced Mobile Broadband services, and explore new use cases and business models.

Turn on 5G in your commercial network in Q4 2018 and attain that critical 5G first-mover position with the launch of our first commercial 5G RAN software. Based on the recently approved first 3GPP 5G NR standard and complementing our already available baseband and 5G Massive MIMO radios, our 5G RAN software provides multiband support for global deployment and allows you to use new frequency spectrum as it becomes available.

Boost your enhanced Mobile Broadband, start offloading traffic to 5G (that also enhances the 4G experience for your subscribers) with our 5G RAN software.

Grow 4G now with 5G-proof products

Mobile data traffic growth will continue relentlessly. Meet this demand and create long term value in your network by investing in 4G infrastructure that is ready to handle 5G, when you are.

With Ericsson, your 4G capacity investment is 5G-proof. The installed base of Ericsson Radio System radios from 2015 onwards are capable of running 5G NR technology with a simple remote software installation. This also applies to all of our delivered Ericsson Radio System micro radios as well as for our existing Radio Dot System portfolio.

Turn on 5G with Ericsson 5G Platform

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Accelerate 5G and IoT growth

The Ericsson distributed cloud solution enhances the 5G capabilities of our 5G Platform by providing an execution environment for cloud application deployment across multiples sites. Managed and orchestrated as one solution, it improves latency, security and resilience, and fulfils regulatory requirements of 5G-enabled use cases, providing you with a common and open cloud platform for all workloads.

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Strengthened Ericsson Radio System portfolio

Densify your network, increase capacity and meet ever increasing consumer expectations for performance with the latest products from our Ericsson Radio System portfolio. With a host of new radio products supporting Massive MIMO technology, we enable a smooth evolution from 4G to 5G and address the need for increased capacity while simplifying ease of adoption and installation. We’ve also added a new category of radio products called Street Macro – a new site type that lets you grow your network in dense urban areas when the available radio locations are limited.

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Additional assets

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5G radio technology for high bandwidth connections

Radio access technology is crucial for 5G. It provides the infrastructure needed to support the world’s growing demand for connecting people, things and industries.

5G core

5G core enables ICT transformation and provides the agility, speed and efficiency required by new services and the massive-scale demands introduced by billions of IoT devices.

Microwave backhaul

With its ease and speed of deployment, and ever increasing capacities, microwave backhaul can deliver superior performance and low cost of ownership. That's why microwave networks remains a popular and flexible backhaul alternative today and on the road to 5G.

5G unique insights

The 5G business case for enhanced mobile broadband

Enhanced mobile broadband will be the first commercial application of 5G and can help operators improve their consumer business. Our study reveals that the evolution to 5G can enable a 10 times lower cost per gigabyte than current 4G networks.

Industries waiting for 5G

We asked 900 decision makers in large companies across 10 key industries about how they expect to use 5G in their business. Download the report.

Towards a 5G consumer future - Six calls to action from consumers for operators to rethink mobile broadband

This ConsumerLab report uncovers six calls to action from consumers which operators must act on, to drive consumer satisfaction and monetize mobile broadband for a 5G future.

5G for manufacturing

5G offers telecom operators an opportunity to help manufacturers build smart factories and take full advantage of technologies like automation, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and IoT.