Ericsson Multiservice Proxy

    As an integral part of smart network Ericsson Multiservice Proxy is a multi-purpose, multi-technology network node that enables operators to meet their three priorities in relation to the data traffic explosion: differentiation, control and monetization.

    Executive summary

    We understand that operators need a flexible and scalable solution that optimizes data traffic and delivers differentiated services while minimizing costs and maximizing traffic value, and this is exactly what we provide. Ready for deployment today in mobile network environments, Ericsson Multiservice Proxy is a multi-purpose, multi-technology network node that provides service control, enables policy control while representing an integration point for value-added services.

    Ericsson Multiservice Proxy is the result of more than a decade of experience in the proxy market. Ericsson has driven the evolution of this product from a WAP gateway to a proxy supporting multiple protocols and services, and this unique insight is reflected in the capabilities of the product.

    User experience

    Consumers today have very little patience with anything that doesn’t work instantly. Things like annoying delays when a user is trying to watch a video, or an Internet page that looks strange when a user uploads it on his mobile phone, and spam. All this will effect user satisfaction and cause churn for you as operator.

    With Ericsson Multiservice Proxy you can improve the overall user experience - understandable video data consumption, the ability to control when kids can access mobile content, no more staring at a frozen screen and no more internet pages that look like a badly fitted dress on device.

    Operator benefits

    Differentiate user experience
    With networks today serving as increasingly critical differentiators to end-users demanding coverage and speed, optimizing data traffic is a key component if operators are to differentiate their offerings. However, Ericsson Multiservice Proxy enables operators to deepen the process of differentiation by service and device aware, by personalization and by a secure and simple way for the users to access different web applications thereby making their networks stand out even more.

    Control costs
    Operators can be assured that the financial impact of opting for Ericsson Multiservice Proxy will also be extremely positive - first, optimizing data traffic means that the pace of network expansions can be reduced. Secondly, the product itself offers low total cost of ownership. By combining multiple proxies into a single offering, Ericsson Multiservice Proxy effectively replaces a complex, multiple-box setup with a one-box solution.

    Monetize data traffic
    Ericsson Multiservice Proxy can serve as the principal business intelligence source for a wide range of services and products that are vital for keeping customers happy – and therefore for maintaining operator revenues. It also enables operators to monetize data traffic by offering users a range of value-added services.

    Why Ericsson

    Ericsson is the perfect Service Enablement business partner for communication service providers aiming to address the business challenges of today.  We will bring experience, proven tools and industrialized software solutions.

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