If you are not thinking differently about digital infrastructure, you are not thinking. Disruption is happening at a pace accelerated by the effects of both public cloud and connecting everything. To manage the scale and performance requirements of future applications requires a different approach to digital business. Applications emerging from industrial and societal critical applications focus on data-centric processing, data governance, response time, scalability, and resilience.

Traditional IT is at End of Life. What comes next?

Future Digital Infrastructure (FDI) is our view on autonomous digital infrastructure of the future needed to meet these demands, while maintaining continuously improving industrialized economics.

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The transformation to a “new normal” of digital is already happening as businesses move from IT as a support function to being a top line strategic revenue generator. This is not about buying cheaper servers or moving everything to public cloud, or making your business run on cloud. It is about putting your business in the cloud and how that transforms who you are, what you do, and how you do it. 

The journey has already begun, with Intel and Ericsson leading the open industrialization of these concepts in the Intel® Rack Scale Design and in the OCP/ODCC open source collaborations. Others are following suit to enable open source and choice while maintaining industrialized economics and inter-operability.

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Ericsson and the Open Compute Project

The Open Compute Project (OCP), is an organization made up of technology companies who share knowledge related to cloud computing through an open source arrangement, for their mutual benefit, and for the advancement of the industry. In 2016, Ericsson joined the OCP as a platinum member.

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How to move forward with high-temperature datacenters

I spoke about problems and solutions surrounding hardware for high-temperature datacenters at the recent Open Compute Project Summit in Santa Clara, California. Here are some of the topics I covered, from use cases to high temperature site building blocks to planned OCP design contributions: 

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