Ericsson BSP 8000 blade servers deliver scalable processing capacity to central-office environments. They provide superior packaging density and the lowest possible power consumption per transaction.

Ericsson BSP 8000 is the choice for modernizing central-office deployments—whether bare metal or virtual—performing many of the network functions that in the past relied on their own proprietary hardware.

Its blade architecture makes it possible for applications such as VoLTE, RCS, HSS, HRL, and BSS to share varying amounts of compute capacity down to the blade level. It also supports any x86-based application, including those from third parties.

It is NEBS3-compliant, so it provides the high in-service performance required by telecom networks while reducing maintenance and repair costs.

Because it has a small footprint and is highly energy efficient, you can either host up to six instances of the same application or six different applications in one sub-rack.

It is also fully prepared to operate in a cloud environment with virtualized control and payload network functions.