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Now is the time to realize NFV

What does it take to go from an NFV trial to a wide commercial operation? The answer depends on you, as there are multiple strategies and approaches. To help you define your NFV strategy, we are sharing a series of informative NFV eBriefs designed to help you overcome barriers to NFV adoption and accelerate your transformation.

Learn from the first live NFV networks

Explore our new series of NFV eBriefs

What is Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)?

NFV allows network operators to manage and expand their network capabilities on demand using virtual, software based applications where physical boxes once stood in the network architecture.

This makes it easier to load-balance, scale up and down, and move functions across distributed hardware resources. With continual updates, operators can keep things running on the latest software without interruption to their customers.

Insights from leading NFV service providers

To be ready for IoT, 5G and Industry 4.0, operators need to get onboard with NFV today. Here's how first-movers are gaining market traction with NFV.

NTT DOCOMO is live with NFV

Ashiq Khan from NTT DOCOMO shares his NFV experiences and a vision for the future of network virtualization.

Swisscom turns on 5G with CI/CD

Swisscom is one of the frontrunners in continuous delivery and deployment. Find out how the CI/CD revolution is enabling Swisscom's 5G evolution.

Verizon stays ahead of the market

Verizon uses Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration for easier partner VNF onboarding, zero touch provisioning for customers, and delivering high level SLAs.

What makes virtualization real?

What makes virtualization real?

The Ericsson NFV offerings addresses the whole stack ranging from NFV MANO from orchestrator and dynamic orchestration to core VNF's like vEPCvSDMvPCRF & vIMS and finally a complete NFVi solution.

Take a deep dive into NFV

VNF performance

Download our paper to find out how applications like vEPC, vIMS secure performance, stability and management n the telco-cloud.

Continuous delivery, CI/CD

How can DevOps change the agility of the network from months to hours? Download our paper to find out.

NFV Automation

Orchestration is key to fully working NFV platform, both for services and the network. Read more about the Ericsson Orchestrator.

Cloud-optimized applications network applications

Cloud native design principles are key for 5G service delivery. Learn about technology and business aspects, cloud automation, 5G cloud data layer.

Dynamic Orchestration

Ready to speed time to market, optimize costs and capture new revenue streams? Explore the pre-integrated solutions that make it possible.

Software defined infrastructure, SDI

Explore how SDI leads to optimal use of infrastructure and great flexibility within NFV solutions.

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