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We have reached a point where things we could only dream of now are possible. We still cannot break the laws of nature, but what we can do together with 5G connectivity really changes the game. 

If we can think it, we can do it.

Our limitations are no longer set by technology. We have endless possibilities to develop the smart, sustainable cities and the autonomous transports we once dreamed of.

This also changes our expectations. What was impossible yesterday is tomorrows reality.

General information

Kista Mobility day has been a staple in Kista Science City since 2016 and it is without any doubt the most important week every year. This year we will work together with Stockholm Stad, Urban ICT Arena, Drive Sweden and Viable Cities to show you what tomorrow could look like; to immerse you into a smart city.

Kista Mobility Day addresses end users challenges while demonstrating what roles each actor in the ecosystem should take to realise things like:

  • Remote Drive (RD)
  • Autonomous Drive (AD)
  • Autonomous Driving Assisting Service (ADAS)
  • Vehicle to Anything (V2X)
  • Smart door to door logistics (Internet of logistics)
  • Gamification of smart city solutions
  • Artifical Intelligence (AI) put in practice
  • And much more

It will also illustrate a proposed digital infrastructure

  • Demonstrating new business models in a digital continuum
  • Connecting the connected things together on one map, but viewed from different angles

Access during the event

man giving demo

Physical space

Closed roads, space on parking lots, space on demo zones, power, screens...

Engineer in a lab

Connectivity layer

Connected to the state of the art 5G ready network.

looking at a dashboard on a tablet

Digital layer

Connected all things together to "Innovation Cloud" map but seen through different lenses/ privileges.

digital workspace


An innovative environment to.



Tell your journey, engage with partners, customers and possible customers.


Keep an eye on this! To be updated soon with Keynotes, Special tours, Interviews and more!

Come and see us and our partners showcasing:

  • Innovation Cloud through UICTA cloud service
  • Internet of Logistics cloud service
  • Drone control cloud service
  • Drones with cameras
  • Connected Pallets
  • VOI scooters
  • Carmenta Traffic Watch
  • AD Aware blue light demo
  • Einride autonomous truck (+Lidl?)
  • Hugo delivery drone robot
  • Veridict public transport
  • Poppytec electric charger
  • Ramböll Smart City Service
  • Viscando people counter
  • BumbeeLabs smart counters
  • ABB YumI robot
  • Ericsson Research demos

Organizers & Sponsors