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Data Centric Security

As technology evolves and business becomes hyper-connected, the need to protect critical data is becoming increasingly important. For organizations that provide vital services such as healthcare, transportation or energy, a data failure could be catastrophic. Ericsson’s Data Centric Security solution uses advanced blockchain technology, enabling enterprises to detect attacks in near-real time.

Data integrity is a huge focus for organizations, as the Internet of Things (IoT) plays an increasing role in our daily lives. In fact, because of the nature of organizations’ utilization of IoT technology, the focus of security has shifted away from data confidentiality, towards data integrity. For example, instead of being concerned about whether the data sent by a heart monitor is being observed, we are more immediately concerned with the question of whether it is being changed, or tampered with. In this instance, an attack on the data security that compromises its integrity could, quite literally, prove fatal.

Data integrity also comes into play in the industrial supply chains and future technologies that rely on a computer being controlled remotely – such as machinery and even cars.

Data integrity

Securely managing networks

Ericsson’s Data Centric Security solution is an industrial blockchain-based approach for verifying the integrity of a customer’s data. Unlike some other data encryption frameworks, there is no requirement for a public key and a private key to encode and decode the data. There are signatures, but none of them have to be private. The data to be verified has been “signed” with a hash and a timestamp that is part of the blockchain. Independent verification of the data can be done across organizations using the data and signature.

By giving an enterprise the ability to detect, withstand, respond to, and recover from security attacks or breaches, Ericsson Data Centric Security provides the confidence to invest in digital industrialization.

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