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Security Management

New advanced threats are emerging in every layer of society. They continue to compromise IT systems, organizations and individuals on a global scale. Security risks are increasing due to end-point vulnerabilities, and there are concerns about critical network infrastructures and emerging cloud technologies with shared capabilities. Regulatory requirements on privacy, data protection and security auditing are increasing the need for new approaches to managing security and privacy compliance.

To mitigate these threats and requirements, organizations are looking for solutions that can automatically harden, continuously monitor and detect threats and intrusions in their critical IT systems – without the need for large security operations.

Ericsson Security Manager offers automated, contextual security management based on customizable, policy-based automation of security operations. It supports out-of-the-box security for cloud operations, enterprises, physical and virtual networks and digital support solutions.

Managing the enterprises and networks of tomorrow

Beyond automating security management for current digital enterprises, cloud solutions (including NFV) and full stack networks, Ericsson Security Manager is optimized for future IoT environments. Ericsson Security Manager is ready for 5G networks, built around concepts such as network slices and dynamically adjusted networks. Together with its powerful analytic capabilities, it can turn data into powerful security insights and actions, covering vulnerabilities, threats, risks and fraud events. It provides:

Contextual Security Management

One unified view over different security functionalities

  • Security orchestration through automated execution of security policies and configuration of security controls according to set policies
  • Automated compliance monitoring and audit reports for compliance
  • Continuous protection and support for forensics
  • Rapid troubleshooting of security incidents, leveraging Ericsson’s world-class Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT)
  • Fraud detection capabilities
  • Support for multi-tenancy

Ericsson Security Manager offers extensive benefits for security operations, managing an ever more complex and dynamic digital environment.

The importance of continuous risk management

Software is permeating every aspect of society and creates new attack vectors. Continuously increasing numbers of system layers, players, data and connected software are major challenges for individuals and organizations.

Business optimal and trust-centric deployment of 5G and IoT security and privacy can only be reached by continuous risk management. This involves balancing cost, usability and effectiveness in order to fulfill different kinds of security SLAs in multi-tenant networks.

The current spot-like management of security solutions will converge into a unified security management solution with policy-driven adaptive protection. As such, enterprises and network service providers can leverage end-to-end system knowledge to secure the assets across all layers. Next-generation security governance requires context-aware analytics that provide preemptive information about known and new security risks.

To ensure continuous real-time or near real-time response to any identified threats and anomalies, a high degree of automation is needed. The security management function and policy orchestration engine must dynamically deploy and adjust security controls and related configurations; for example, in cloud deployments.

Ericsson Security Manager leverages its unique, market-leading policy engine to enable real-time management of security operations across multiple contexts. Automation significantly reduces response time and breach remediation times, while generating significant operational efficiencies.

Leading ICT players are choosing Ericsson Security Manager to provide a futureproof solution for automating the security management of their critical assets.

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