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Airport Connectivity Possibilities

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Airport Communications

By providing a superior digital experience, airports can personalize customer interactions to secure market share and improve traveler satisfaction.

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Airport Billing Solutions

With a horizontal approach to incorporate all stakeholders, airports can consolidate payments for all services and products into one powerful system.

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Airport Analytics

As the Internet of Things becomes a reality, managing the data from connected assets will contribute to smarter, greener and more profitable airports.

Airport Revenue Management System

As airports become more than just places to get on and off planes, airport revenue management systems must evolve too. Managers must develope and integrate non-aviation revenue sources beyond cargo and aviation such as retail, car parking and rent.

A solution that can not only monetize aviation services, but also all other services such as mall and properties which we expect to increase following a trend we see in other airports around the world.

Marcus Abreu, CFO at São Paulo GRU Airport

Solutions that provide the power to meet and exceed traveler expectations

 Chicago ohare airport

We Helped Chicago O'Hare International Airport Streamline Billing Operations

Chicago O'Hare needed a billing solution to take the airport from manual calculations to an IoT solution that easily manages payments to many vendors.

sao paulo gru airport

Modernizing Billing and Payments at the Busiest Airport in Latin America

Our highly configurable Enterprise and Cloud Billing system was the only solution that could meet the needs of GRU airport in Brazil.

A platform to connect the entire transport ecosystem

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Making traffic safer, more efficient and more sustainable.



Adding value to everything from infrastructure to passenger services.


Public Transport

Scalable solutions allow you to start small and build smart as you grow.

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