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Today airports are more than just places to get on and off planes. When airports integrate all digital services (voice, data, video and M2M) into one communication network, airports can focus on providing the best services to passengers, improving aircraft rotation and generating new revenues.


We offer

Security and Flexibility combined
Integration generating simplification
Horizontal investment resulting in lowest TCO
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A 4G/LTE network for professional services is based on the latest 3GPP security and has a fully developed device ecosystem

The combined ICT infrastructure for passengers, business and mission critical users ensures the lowest total cost of ownership while still being future proofed for 5G and IoT.

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The security and flexibility of a LTE network allows the airport to explore new services and uses cases

For example surveillance can be improved in critical locations and quality of service can be differentiated for mission critical users compared to normal enterprise business.


The need for an efficient and adapted network is a very strong constraint in our businesses. This experiment will test the proper functioning of the LTE network in actual operational condition. It will demonstrate the relevance of the deployment, a secure and solid infrastructure capable of supporting the digital transformation of all Air France's critical operations on the Roissy and Orly hubs.

Christian Regnier, Head of Communications Solutions Air France & Secretary AGURRE

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