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Cross-industry 5G motorway & railway project in Germany

Cross-industry 5G motorway & railway project in Germany

5G-ConnectedMobility creates a dedicated network infrastructure and application environment for 5G analysis and testing in real-time for Vehicle-to-vehicle, Vehicle-to-infrastructure, and Railway-to-infrastructure.


Partnering with Icomera to provide Wi-Fi on Deutsche Bahn high-speed trains

While travelling at speeds up to 300 km/h, German rail passengers now enjoy excellent connectivity via Ericsson's services.

Yellow bus in city

Working with URBS to improve the bus systems in Brazil

Improving urban life with more information and more efficient transport.

Sao paulo gru airport

Modernizing billing and payments at the busiest airport in Latin America

Our highly configurable Enterprise and Cloud Billing system was the only solution that could meet the needs of GRU airport in Brazil.

 Chicago ohare airport

We helped Chicago O'Hare International Airport Streamline Billing Operations

Chicago O'Hare needed a billing solution to take the airport from manual calculations to an IoT solution that easily manages payments to many vendors.

people in subway station

Translink is connecting public transport across the Netherlands

Translink worked with Ericsson to simplify commuting in the Netherlands by creating a solution to incorporate 10 local and national transport operators with a single e-ticketing system.


Connecting São José dos Campos

Learn more about the first city in Brazil to have traffic and City Guard communications systems connected by Ericsson’s emergency response solution.

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