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Mobile financial services are here to stay

Mobile financial services are advancing towards realization of their massive potential. But getting there requires change, a change where existing payment networks are connected and interoperable – making mobile commerce as easy as cash.

So where do we go from here? We start by orchestrating collaboration between banks and operators, by fostering regulatory environments that are beneficial to all stakeholders, and by developing secure, flexible mobile financial platforms that help build an interconnected and transparent financial ecosystem.

Because when all mobile financial services stakeholders collaborate to make money open, everyone will benefit.

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Let mobile financial services take you to your next billion customers.

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Mobile operators

Use your existing assets to launch profitable mobile financial services.

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Boost financial and social inclusion while helping to build the global infrastructure for a new digital economy.

Ericsson M-Commerce logics

Each mobile financial services stakeholder can harness its respective strengths to capture the unique opportunities found in mobile financial services. We have grouped these opportunities into six Business Logics.

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Consumer logic

Use your existing telecom or banking assets to provide the basic mobile money services that a lot of people lack.

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Enterprise logic

Paying salaries or bills can be a real challenge where bank accounts are scarce. A mobile financial services solution can simplify the process.

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Finance logic

Give people fast access to financial services, like savings accounts, micro loans or insurance via their mobile devices.

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Retail logic

Make shopping more convenient and secure for consumers as well as retailers. Develop mobile wallets that make retail more user friendly for everyone.

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Public logic

Empower the relationships between citizens and authorities. Offer m-commerce alternatives for tax collection or payments for school lunches.

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Media logic

Give your customers the tools they need to make fast and convenient purchases of media on their mobile devices.