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The Media Logic

The global consumption of online media is exploding. Yet, in many markets, buying media content through the phone or online is still a complicated procedure. Without simple digital or mobile payment tools, consumers can’t access services and content owners without access to important markets.

Service providers can integrate mobile payment solutions into third party content platforms to leverage the reach of popular music artists, apps and games to spread the use and popularity of mobile payment services.

By understanding the marketplace and building the right relationships in the media ecosystems, service providers will use mobile payments as a means for consumers to unlock a whole new world of media, and generate revenue from every transaction.


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The Media Stories

Millions of potential customers in many different markets are unable to purchase online media content, such as music, apps and movies, due to a lack of payment solutions.

The Music Story

Digital music sales have surpassed physical sales for the first time in important markets like the UK, which means that the time is right for service providers to become a vital part of the music value chain by offering integrated payment platforms and innovative services.

The App Store Story

App sales are exploding globally, but not in places where consumers lack credit cards or other means of billing. Service providers can ensure universal access by offering a secure storefront for open platforms and even their own store.

The Video Story

Store owners of all types handle cash on a regular basis. But this is a costly and inconvenient practice that can pose a security risk. Mobile wallets offer a low-cost and secure alternative to cash payments by making it possible to perform and accept payments via mobile phones. Mobile wallets make transactions easier and more secure for the consumer as well, thus increasing customer loyalty.