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Technology that cut crime rates in Brazil

Serious crimes have been reduced by 19% in São José dos Campos,Brazil, thanks in part to Ericsson’s emergency response system.

Coordinating 13,000 emergency calls per day in Spain

Ericsson is the prime integrator of the emergency response system for Comunitat Valenciana, Spain.

Sending images, real-time video and data in the UK

Sending images, real-time video and data in the UK

Public safety workers in the UK have improved mission- critical services enabled by a solution from Ericsson and Motorola.

Man biking on the road

Speed saves lives

Slovakia is using the Ericsson Emergency Response solution, based on our CoordCom product. It can be tailored for any need, letting emergency dispatchers relay crucial information in real time to everyone involved.

Fire brigade

Delivering the Communications Gateway in Tasmania

Our solution for the Tasmanian Emergency Services meets today’s communications network interoperability requirements and has established a gateway solution with minimal impact on frontline operations.

Ericsson’s solutions effectively protect national borders, critical infrastructure and manage millions of emergency calls and public safety incidents every year.

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