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Integrated smart grid management

Distributed generation, stricter regulations and increasing threats are changing how the utilities industry monitors, manages and protects critical assets. At the same time, utilities need to optimize asset usage, both to meet increasing customer expectations and competition.

How can smart power grid management help?

Meeting regulations

With a network of sensors you can guarantee the security of critical assets and meet stricter reliability standards. Respond immediately to threats with instant intrusion detection.

Optimized usage

Smart grid networks provide you with the information you need to make smarter decisions about your operations. Use real-time data to increase efficiency and flexibility.

Improved service

Power grid management enables you to give customers more information and options about their usage. It also makes it easier to integrate renewables and electric vehicle charging.

Our future proof interoperable solution for smart metering

Ericsson has a long and proven experience in asset monitoring, management and protection. Our customers include power utilities, airports, and border control authorities.

Ericsson solutions for power grid management include:

 electric power transmission

  • Asset Monitoring and Protection. We deploy sensors for access control, intrusion detection, and visual monitoring. These sensors are integrated into a single system that can identify possible threats and enable you to react quickly.
  • Asset Management. Our smart grid networks integrate diverse sources of information so that you can make better decisions on investments, improve operational processes and optimize asset usage.
  • Workforce Management. Through better workforce management, you can improve field unit coordination, dedicating the right resources to the right activities at the right time. This service also supports knowledge transfer and control of physical resources.
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“Smart grids will enable our grid to be more reliable and allow us to respond to customers when there are outages. It will also enable us to maintain our network better, with more information about what’s actually going on out on the grid.”

Adrian Clark Smart Grid Manager, Ausgrid

Learn more about how you can transform your utility

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Advanced smart metering

Ericsson provides everything the utilities industry needs for successful smart metering deployment, from meter provisioning to systems integration and operation.

Smart metering

Utility transformation

Transform customer interactions into products and services. Ericsson’s customer and revenue management delivers better customer experiences and increases operational efficiency.

New utility services
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Communications solutions for utilities

Today’s utilities industry needs robust, end-to-end communications to create a truly smart power grid. Ericsson crafts technical solutions to suit each utility’s needs.

Utility communications

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