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Digitalize your power utility

As a world leader in IT and telecommunications, Ericsson has the experience and expertise to digitalize your power utility business. We can make your grid more efficient and show you how to use smart metering data to provide new services.

We know transformation that enables success

Your transformation partner

Ericsson has partnered with hundreds of mobile network operators around the world, and has led the global wireless infrastructure market for 2G, 3G and 4G.

Communications leader

We have the world’s largest deployment of grid edge nodes. This enables utilities to more effectively manage and leverage data from multiple sources.

Global smart metering player

There are over 50 million smart meters worldwide managed by platforms developed, operated or maintained by Ericsson

A partner for your digital transformation

Ericsson can help you transform your utility from start to finish. By building new intelligence into legacy infrastructures, we can help you increase operational efficiencies, create new business opportunities and deliver better customer experiences. Our continuous innovation will give you a competitive advantage now and into the future.

An expert in industry-changing technologies

For more than a hundred years, Ericsson has led the transformation of how the world communicates. With our advances in 5G, IoT and cloud technology, we are ready to help you leverage the technologies that are already shaping our future.

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5G connects industries

Everything that benefits from being connected, will be connected. 5G and IoT applications are transforming industries.

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IoT success stories

IoT disrupts business models and enables new marketplaces, services and applications for utilities.


The cloud industrializes efficiency

Cloud infrastructure, built on security and automation, will bring unprecedented efficiency to your operations, helping you do more with less.

Enabling smart meter transformation in Italy

Acea, the leading energy utility in Rome, now has revenue protection, a cutting-edge service offering, and the ability to offer smart grid applications.

Explore how we did it

We have a portfolio designed to make you an industry frontrunner

Ericsson’s offering was created to help you transform your business for future-proof leadership in your market. Our global experience and local expertise will ensure that your unique needs are met.

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Grid asset management

Use our in-depth knowledge to optimize the management, monitoring and protection of critical assets. We will help you meet regulations, optimize usage and improve service.

Power grid management
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Communications solutions for utilities

Today’s utilities industry needs robust, end-to-end communications to create a truly smart power grid. Ericsson crafts technical solutions to suit each utility’s needs.

Utility communications
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Advanced smart metering

Ericsson provides everything the utilities industry needs for successful smart metering deployment, from meter provisioning to systems integration and operation.

Smart grid networks
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Utility transformation

Transform customer interactions into products and services. Ericsson’s customer and revenue management improves customer experiences and operational efficiency.

New utilities services

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