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To optimize your factory floor, optimize your ceiling

The manufacturing industry is entering Industry 4.0. In the quest to automate production and make machines wireless and operations smarter, petabytes of data are being generated and streamed for analysis. Safe and sustainable management of data and devices is therefore a challenge. Intelligence is being moved from the devices into the cloud for increased performance, cost-efficiency and flexibility. The requirements for intelligent automation and concepts like digital twins in the production line call for a fast, stable, secure and simple connectivity solution.

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When you automate production, a dedicated 4G/5G network offers a robust wireless solutions. It has the benefits of cellular security for data & device integrity and an open platform for applications and services for factory developers, device manufacturers and OEMs. A private cellular network connection in the factory or warehouse is the first step towards exploiting the value, efficiencies and gains of Industry 4.0 concepts and use cases.

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Read the latest Ericsson Mobility Reports with insights to realize smart manufacturing through IoT and the role cellular plays in helping manufacturers reach their digital transformation goals.

Simple Connectivity

Massive IoT means millions of devices like sensors, requiring a simple and secure way of adding, activating and managing new device connections.

Secure Connectivity

With more connected and wireless devices comes a higher risk of issues & cyber breaches. Secure transmissions, updates and ways to verify assets & data will be crucial.

Stable Connectivity

Critical IoT use cases require low latency and instant feedback.  Processes will be orchestrated and controlled remotely from the cloud and need a stable and resilient connection with SLA guarantees.

Discover Ericsson’s wireless cellular solutions for factories and warehouses.

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Connectivity: the overlooked advantage for today’s warehouses


With the need for just-in-time delivery, challenging peak seasons, and labor shortages in many markets, distribution and logistics companies must find new ways to meet demanding customer expectations while keeping costs in line.

To increase productivity warehouses need to deploy a new level of fast, secure connectivity to support Industry 4.0 solutions and intelligent automation.

Use cases

Welcome to the smart factory

Three Ericsson factories in Sweden, Estonia and China are fast-tracking the introduction of a new generation of smart manufacturing.

Safer vehicle production powered by 5G-enabled human-robot collaboration

Ericsson has partnered with Audi and sensor manufacturer SICK to revolutionize safer vehicle production using 5G technology. Learn more about how 5G is adding a new dimension to human–robot collaboration.

MTU Aero Engines

Uncover the business value that results from introducing 5G technology into the production of bladed disks at a turbine factory.

SKF smart factory

The smart manufacturing project is enabling Martin Friis and his team at SKF’s world-class factory to radically transform manufacturing, and provide competitive advantage by introducing fundamental changes to the way industries operate.

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