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Increasing capacity and coverage where it matters most

Network performance drives consumer loyalty. By delivering superior connectivity to areas previously underserved by the macro network, indoor, street and outdoor small cell solutions enable subscribers to receive a seamless and robust service whenever and wherever it is required.

Small Cells – Big Impact

90% of our time is spent indoors. As networks evolve to 5G, small cells will play a big part in meeting demand for indoor voice and data coverage and capacity.

Understanding Your Urban Landscape

A helpful guide to densifying your network in urban environments

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Key solutions

Deliver high performance indoor wireless

Ericsson’s indoor small cell solutions are designed to satisfy the demand of data-hungry users.

Boost outdoor connectivity

Outdoor small cell solutions will be an integral part of delivering high speed connectivity to your subscribers.

Enhance street coverage

Connect urban subscribers as they commute, work, and play. Small cell solutions in streets.

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Indoor portfolio

Ericsson’s indoor radios are the industry’s best performing small cell portfolio. Fully integrated with the Ericsson Radio System, Small cells are 5G and IoT ready, support multi-operator and unlicensed deployment.

Outdoor portfolio

Part of the Ericsson Radio System, micro radios are used for macro offload and improved hotspot coverage. Due to its small form factor, the outdoor micro radio offers flexible, easy and even invisible deployments.

Be a part of the small cells evolution

Delivering cost effective small cell deployments.

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Small Cells make big changes

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Small Cells use cases

More offerings in Networks

4G evolution

Lower your cost per Gigabyte, deploy multi-Gigabit 5G ready radios and basebands, boost capacity with Massive MIMO, and address new opportunities in Fixed Wireless Access and Critical Broadband Networks. Explore Ericsson’s LTE solutions for next-generations networks.

5G Access

Switch on 5G with Ericsson Radio System. Secure a smooth, fast and agile introduction of 5G, to reduce cost per gigabyte for your mobile broadband business and enabling industry digitalization for growth.

Cellular IoT

Cellular IoT is growing. Be the first to tap in to new opportunities on the network through our enhanced Cellular IoT offerings, comprising Broadband IoT, Industrial Automation IoT, Critical IoT and enhanced Massive IoT.

Network intelligence and automation

Network intelligence aims to create self-learning networks to optimize workforce and network efficiency as well as improve network performance.

Mobile transport

5G is changing the game of mobile transport. Stay ahead of the game by securing radio performance, together with easier automation and seamless orchestration across all your 4G and 5G networks.