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Mobile transport

5G use cases will place diverse requirements on transport networks. Aligning the radio, core and transport layers of a network are becoming more critical than ever to meet these requirements. To prepare for these growing demands, you need to get your transport network ready for 5G – now!

Complete transport solution

Our 5G-ready transport portfolio is integrated with Ericsson Radio System, enabling first movers to turn on 5G. The portfolio now includes innovative components of an end-to-end, made-for-5G transport solution, that includes:

Fronthaul 6000, protocol-agnostic solution for 4G and 5G

Router 6000: the industry’s highest performance 5G router(s) and 

MINI-LINK: our market-leading, powerful and cost-efficient microwave radio system.

The portfolio is complemented with best-in-class IP, edge, core and security solutions, along with highly flexible optical transport products from our partners.  
Our mobile transport solution enables customers to secure their radio performance and offer automation and seamless orchestration, thereby removing complexity for them.

Ericsson Network Manager manages the entire package, simplifying the overall management and control of 5G across the radio, transport and core networks, making us a one-stop shop for all your 4G and 5G needs.

At Ericsson, we are ready for 5G. Are you?

5G is a game changer for mobile transport

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Changing the game

5G will change the game by putting new requirements on mobile transport. You need to get your transport networks ready – and quickly – to cope with the added capability, capacity, connectivity and complexity.

A complete solution

We have introduced a complete transport solution that enables you to take full advantage of 5G. Using our in-house expertise, we have put together a full-fledged portfolio that covers fronthaul, backhaul extended with best in class partner’s solutions in edge/core IP and optical transport. Is your network ready?

Removing complexity

Easy 5G transport isn’t just about boxes. It has to do with removing complexity, taking an end-to-end view. And it has to do with automation and orchestration. Let us help you to get your transport network ready!

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Key solutions for transport networks

Router 6675

Router 6675 is a flexible and multi-purpose router designed to deliver exceptional network service performance and quality for Gigabit LTE and 5G in any radio network architecture.


MINI-LINK 6366 is a new all outdoor microwave node delivering up to 2.5Gbps with two carriers in 6-42 GHz and/or 70-80GHz frequency bands. Easier installation is enabled by its flexible and modular design.

Fronthaul 6020

Fronthaul 6020 enables network capacity and optimization gains with efficient CPRI and eCPRI transport up to 25G over a single fiber connection in dense urban areas where Centralized RAN architecture is key.

Swisscom chooses Ericsson to deliver end-to-end 5G IP transport network

Ericsson has been chosen by Swisscom to deliver an end-to-end 5G IP transport network with the Router 6000 series as the site and edge router and Juniper MX series in the core.

Hi3G selects Ericsson to develop transport network for 5G in Denmark

Ericsson has been selected by Hi3G, operating as 3 in Denmark, to modernize its transport network with 5G-ready routers over the next three years.

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Ericsson’s market-leading, powerful and cost-efficient microwave radio system bringing up to 10Gbps capacity with superior performance to 5G NR sites where time to market and cost are factors.

Router 6000

The industry’s highest performance 5G router(s), eliminates the backhaul bottleneck with 10/100Gbps capacity, in a form factor that avoids stranded ports.  Designed as part of the Ericsson Radio System, Router 6000 enables superior RAN performance with 5G features not found in any other router on the market today.

Fronthaul 6000

The industry’s most complete, protocol-agnostic fronthaul solution for 4G and 5G, designed for, and verified with Ericsson Radio System, enables superior RAN performance in the most cost-efficient and flexible way.

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