Why telecom business transformation?

    2012-01-20 Categories: Technology


    Recent changes in the telecommunications arena are bringing a new reality to all industry players, with the result that communication service providers must face new challenges in a unique way.

    At the heart of every transformation program, operators need to define today where to invest in order to be ready for the new services and business demands of tomorrow. One way to allocate additional capacity and increase profitability is by simplifying, harmonizing and focusing on customers. To do this, operators need a plan to modify the business base in order to capture new revenue streams and increase levels of operational efficiency. This is the heart of what transformation is about: becoming simpler in order to reduce capital expenses in the long run, and providing the baseline for a more efficient, cost effective operation.

    What should be transformed? The answer comes after reviewing the operator's business strategy, and by using the three-dimension roadmap. Of course, each dimension should be addressed differently from one operator to another, in order to match the operator's unique competitive position.

    A telecom business transformation program needs a standardized process environment to guarantee that all key objectives are achieved. This implies taking into consideration the company's vision and objectives with a proper level of detail and follow-up. To accomplish this, action points must be broken down, arranged into work groups, scheduled, and assigned to specific individuals and/or organizations, based on operator requirements.

    This document is aimed at establishing a holistic approach in an innovative framework for telecom business transformation in response to recent market trends and consumer demands.


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    Telecom Business Transformation