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Paris Saint-Germain and Ericsson partnership nets new goals

Paris Saint-Germain – the most successful club in French soccer – knows how to build a great team. And with its latest signing, they will become the most networked and technologically advanced in the game. With Ericsson as Paris Saint-Germain’s official digital experience partner, players, coaches, support staff, and fans get the world’s best on- and off-field experience.

Players and engineers teaming up

Ericsson 5G: one millisecond can change everything (November 2018)

Ericsson demonstrates the benefits of 5G in its new video produced in collaboration with Paris Saint-Germain. Video featuring four Paris Saint-Germain players, Julian Draxler, Alphonse Areola, Marco Verratti and Thiago Silva as well as the Ericsson engineer Linus Björklund.

Speed, Performance, Agility: Watch the Paris Saint-Germains players show off their skills - while demonstrating 5G-powered low latency.

Players from Paris Saint-Germain and engineers from Ericsson are teaming up for a new digital experience. (February 2018)

Video featuring five Paris Saint-Germain players, Dani Alves, Thiago Silva, Layvin Kurzawa, Thomas Meunier and Julian Draxler as well as the two Ericsson engineers, Linus Björklund and Zebastian Loven.

Can football become a science? Yes! We're partnering with @PSG_Inside to reveal game changing data analytics. Watch now

Digital workouts set up players for next season

Player conditioning during the off-season is integral for success on the pitch once the season kicks off. As always, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) football players took advantage of the off-season to rest, and then trained to ensure they were in peak physical condition for the season start. Ericsson, the club’s digital experience partner, shows how digital analysis improves training for Paris Saint-Germain, ensuring that the players are at the top of their game.

Players from Paris Saint-Germain and engineers from Ericsson are teaming up for a new digital experience.

Video featuring the Paris Saint-Germain players, Blaise Matuidi, Angel Di Maria, Thiago Emiliano da Silva and Luca Moura as well as the two Ericsson engineers, Linus Bjorklund and Zebastian Loven from the Ericsson Networked Event team. The two engineers happens to have family ties to Swedish top league football.

Watch the video here

The making of....New signings for Paris Saint-Germain

Watch the making of... here

Digital experience in a league of its own

"We are delighted to welcome Ericsson to the Paris Saint-Germain family. One of our aims as a club is to become one of the top sports franchises in the world, and digital transformation is clearly a key priority."

- Frédéric Longuépée, Paris Saint-Germain Deputy General Manager

Paris Saint-Germain and Ericsson have partnered to jointly innovate across three areas: a sports performance information system; a digital experience backend system; and technology consulting and innovation services.

Total football solution

At Paris Saint-Germain, talent isn't only found on the field. Top performers from the club's IT team will combine with Ericsson. And with the full range of our solutions and services available, we will work together to develop a winning strategy for transforming the club’s digital experience. All of Paris Saint-Germain's business, all of their teams, all of their followers – connected, networked, and always on the ball. When the iconic Parc des Princes stadium fills with passionate fans, great network coverage will just be the start of the challenge. Paris Saint-Germain’s digital platforms for data storage, web site, mobile apps, and big screens for broadcast and replays will all add up to the ultimate onsite fan experience.

A winning strategy

Together, we will pursue Paris Saint-Germain's goal of becoming the most digitally advanced team in the game, following a triple-pronged winning strategy.

Soccer players

The first element of our collaboration is the new Paris Saint-Germain Sports Performance Information System, a centrally managed data storage platform – operated by Ericsson as a service – designed to capture and control data from all of the club’s sports-related businesses. Powerful data visualization will give Paris Saint-Germain unprecedented insight into scouting, player health, scheduling, and much more.

Paris Saint-Germain supporters

Experience is everything in sports, and that’s where the second element of our partnership comes in. The Paris Saint-Germain Digital Experience platform will power web sites for mobile and desktop, apps, and in-stadium screens. Built on our trusted Ericsson Network Event platform, it will go beyond standard data sources, also capturing news, weather, traffic, and in-stadium food and beverage updates for the total game-day experience.

Paris Saint-Germain

Winning teams always innovate, so the third element of our partnership draws on our technology consulting and innovation capabilities. A joint team of Ericsson innovators and Paris Saint-Germain staff will analyze and define new solutions, applications, techniques, and use cases, so that this great club stays one step ahead of the competition.

For more information:

Press release – Paris Saint-Germain announces digital experience partnership with Ericsson

"Together with Paris Saint-Germain's staff, we will ensure that the most successful clubs is also the most technologically advanced."

- Helena Norrman, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Ericsson & PSG