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Swap to a smarter network

With the boom in smartphones, wearables and high-resolution audio and video streaming, existing networks are constantly under pressure from growing data traffic – and outdated systems are showing their limitations. Ericsson has the answer to the need for increased speed and lower latency.

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Take charge or get left behind

Networks need the capability to handle growing data traffic whilst carrying it with increasing speed and lower latency – or risk jeopardizing customer satisfaction. Even today, some networks are showing their age. 5G is the future and its rapid evolution means operators must optimize and upgrade their systems quickly and smoothly. Those with the highest data usage must improve network performance and spectrum utilization whilst preparing for 5G.

This is where Ericsson’s industry-leading portfolio comes in. Across the world, we are using our experience and expertise to upgrade and replace legacy equipment with the cutting-edge Ericsson Radio System.

Customers come to us for our proven ability to make network changes as seamless as possible for end users. The key to fast and seamless modernization and swaps is our experience in handling the complexities involved. Ericsson is committed to minimizing downtime for subscribers and driving continued revenue streams for customers.

Putting network enhancement in focus – selected swaps

Ericsson’s swap projects have enabled customers to elevate their spectrum utilization by replacing their legacy vendors’ equipment. This is alongside keeping or even lowering power consumption, with many of the newly applied features relating to Carrier Aggregation (CA), as well as additional features which increase the effect of CA.

Ericsson Radio System baseband supports both Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) and Time Division Duplex (TDD) on one baseband card, and currently supports up to five carriers and 20 MIMO layers simultaneously. Customers can maximize spectrum assets at and between all sites.

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