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Get ready to unlock critical broadband networks for Industry 4.0

New business models are emerging for industries. From owning and operating their own networks, industries with critical communication needs are now procuring private networks and services that leverage service providers’ existing network assets and operations – without compromising required local control.

There is a global market trend to modernize existing legacy technologies in exchange for more scalable and capable solutions to fit business and mission critical communication needs. Therefore, service providers are well-positioned to grow their business by tapping new markets and leveraging their existing network assets and operations, while not steering too far from their core business.

Critical Broadband Networks, presented by Manuel Ruiz, Global Head of Mission Critical and Private Networks.

Transforming critical broadband communications for public safety.

Customer cases

Ericsson has been working with innovative service providers such as Deutsche TelekomTelefonicaSouthern LincSwisscomBT, VerizonDNA and industry players such as ABBAudiSKF,Boliden and Ambra to design solutions for mission-critical and business-critical communications. Explore some of the cases below. 

Ericsson and China Unicom are developing a 5G smart harbor at the Port of Qingdao in China.

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Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson partner to provide industry solution for OSRAM

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Southern Linc and Ericsson partner to build the first highly reliable dedicated LTE network in the United States.

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Our offerings

Critical broadband network capabilities

Ericsson’s portfolio for critical broadband network capabilities allows service providers and government operators to meet the tough business and mission critical communication requirements on a 3GPP critical broadband network.

Critical broadband applications

This offering covers Ericsson Group-Radio MCPTT, a 3GPP-compliant solution with smooth migration path to LTE/5G and offered in As-a-Service model. It supports real-time video, media sharing and other mission critical end user applications.

Flexible deployments for private networks

Our flexible deployments for private networks range from network slicing to fully on-premises networks, which enables service providers to offer scalable, critical broadband solutions for industries and public safety agencies. Ericsson provides Managed Services for private networks, using automation and AI to boost quality and operational effeciency.

Key benefits

Business scalability

Leveraging your existing network assets such as infrastructure, spectrum licenses and operational capabilities, to gain business scalability and build an attractive offering for private networks.

Securing critical broadband performance

Designed to meet the tough business- and mission-critical requirements of users with critical communication needs to be fully reliable when even lives are dependent on the performance of the communication.

Minimizing time to market

Pre-packaged solutions including Managed Services, based on industry proven 3GPP portfolio. Securing full operational readiness from day one and minimizing time to market.

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