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Innovating Technology for Good

This report summarizes our sustainability and corporate responsibility (SCR) performance in 2017. The purpose of the SCR report is to inform interested parties about our progress in line with our ambition to create positive impacts for our stakeholders, our business and society while mitigating risks related to environmental, social, employee and human rights matters. Ericsson is a leading advocate of using Technology for Good, and it is the overarching theme of this report.

Key highlights from 2017

Conducting business responsibly

Conducting business responsibly is a cornerstone of our company strategy and corporate culture. We work continuously to improve and strengthen our business policies, with a focus on building and maintaining trust, transparency, and integrity. 

Energy, environment & climate action

During 2017 we made very good progress in the areas of energy performance, climate action, and circular economy. We are committed to working together with other companies, governments, and international organizations to combat climate change.

Internet for all

In 2017 we impacted positively a total of 20.4 million people with our Technology for Good initiatives, bringing the number up to 109 million people since 2014. Internet access is a fundamental enabler for improving quality of life.

Sustainable Development Goals

ICT can help achieve all of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  By applying our technology and expertise, we’ve made a positive impact and supported the SDGs in communities across the globe.

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Download our report to learn more about Ericsson’s sustainability performance during 2017.

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25 years of sustainability and corporate responsibility leadership

Ericsson is a pioneer when it comes to using ICT to address environmental and climate issues, as well as to boost socio-economic development and support disaster relief. We were one of the first companies in the telecom sector to adopt sustainability reporting 25 years ago. The projects concerned contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN and our activities during 2017 have had a positive impact in many fields.

25 years of sustainability reporting

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