Ericsson Sourcing uses the e-sourcing application for online information exchange including eRFI, eRFQ, eRFP and eAuctions. The eSourcing application creates a process that is transparent, fair and that saves time.

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If you are a registered user of the Ericsson e-sourcing suite, click here to login.

Note: Only suppliers invited to an eSourcing event at Ericsson will be given access.

Benefits of the e-sourcing tool

eRFx'es and eAuctions are guaranteed to take place within a transparent environment, which ensures equal opportunities for all bidding suppliers.

Using the e-sourcing tool provides the following benefits to suppliers:

  • Reduced time
  • Transparent and fair negotiation process
  • Clearly defined SOW and project requirements
  • Accessibility and global coverage
  • On line help
  • Well-documented objectivity in the supplier selection
  • Provides a simple format for submitting data online
  • Faster evaluation process
  • Cost saving associated with a paperless process

Ericsson support

During 8.00CET -17.00CET, Monday to Friday, please send your requests to In case you need assistance for:

  • Password reset
  • Buyers/suppliers/users upload
  • Modify user account
  • Change status of users

ZYCUS service desk support

For the rest of the service or outside 8.00-17.00 CET, Zycus service desk is available 24/7. Please contact them via email at, by webex or by calling the international toll free number 00-800-9928-7111 | 00-800-9928-7000.

Toll Free Numbers:

00-800-9928-7111 | 00-800-9928-7000

North America Toll Free:

+1 800-409-3507 | +1 866-363-6625

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