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Sustainability and corporate responsibility

Our sustainability and corporate responsibility strategy is a core part of our business strategy and embedded across the company – focused on responsible business, environment and Technology for Good. We report progress annually through our "Sustainability and corporate responsibility" report and highlight key performance metrics. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the framework we increasingly use to define and measure our impact, through sustainability research as well as through our Technology for Good programs and initiatives.

Sustainability and corporate responsibility

Sustainability & CR report

Sustainability and corporate responsibility are embedded throughout Ericsson’s core business and our aim is to create positive impacts for our stakeholders and our business while carefully managing risks. The latest Ericsson Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report summarizes our performance in these areas in 2016. This is Ericsson’s 24th such report.

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Responsible Business

Responsible business

Conducting business responsibly is the foundation of our approach to sustainability and corporate responsibility. We work continuously to improve and strengthen our responsible business practices in the areas of human rights, anti-corruption, responsible sourcing and health and safety.

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Circular Economy


The circular economy encapsulates our approach to environmental sustainability. This includes how we manage environmental impacts of our company, products and services, and how ICT can help mitigate climate change impacts. We aim to establish leadership in energy performance, use a circular approach in management of materials, waste and water, as we develop and deliver solutions to support climate action.

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Technology for Good

Technology for Good

Through our Technology for Good platform we channel our leadership and advocacy, often in collaboration with public and private partners, to address a range of global challenges. The role of ICT to boost socio-economic development cannot be underestimated. It can play an instrumental role in tackling urgent global issues such as poverty and hunger, enhancing financial and social inclusion, improving access to education and health, and addressing humanitarian issues as well as enabling the benefits of the internet for all.

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Sustainable development goals

Sustainable Development Goals

ICT can play a positive role in every one of the Sustainable Development Goals, and will provide essential infrastructure to help achieve and in some cases accelerate achievement. Ericsson is a leading advocate for the role of ICT, and demonstrates the positive impacts that technology can have on society. We also advocate the role of business more broadly to support the Global Goals.

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Sustainability metrics

Sustainability Metrics

We report according to globally recognized indices: UN Global Compact, GRI, and the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights Reporting Framework. Here you will also find carbon footprint metrics and the latest Carbon Disclosure Project ranking. An archive of previous Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility reports since 2001 is also available.

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