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The Global Goals - For Sustainable Development

We are committed to the Global Goals, set to achieve three extraordinary things in the next 15 years:

  • End extreme poverty
  • Fight inequality and injustice
  • Halt climate change

We have adopted the SDGs as the framework for measuring our impact on society. By embedding Sustainability and CR into our business, we have a strong platform for continued progress and positive impact.

The role of the private sector to advance sustainable development is increasingly evident. As a member of the Business & Sustainable Development Commission we work to highlight the role of the private sector in achieving the SDGs. In the report “Better Business, Better World” new research from the Commission shows pursuing 60 sustainable and inclusive market “hotspots” in just four key areas (energy; cities; food and agriculture; health and wellbeing) could create at least USD $12 trillion in business value by 2030 – equivalent to 10% of forecast GDP – and generate up to 380 million jobs, mostly in developing countries.

Achieving the SDGs will require leveraging existing and widely deployed technologies, such as broadband, but also new innovative services and the improved reach of technological solutions. This was underscored in our 2016 report, “ICT & SDGs: How Information and Communications Technology Can Accelerate Action on the Sustainable Development Goals,” published in collaboration with the Earth Institute at Columbia University, GSMA and ITU. As the fastest and most global technology uptake in history, mobile broadband has the potential to positively impact all of the 17 SDGs.

With Partnership for the Goals (SDG 17) at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals, we take a proactive leadership role in a number of high-level fora and collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders to scale the impact of our advocacy efforts.

Making a positive impact on society

By 2022, >90% of the world’s population will be covered by mobile broadband networks. This scale brings unprecedented opportunities for Ericsson and our customers to help nations address global challenges and meet the Global Goals for sustainable development.

Through our initiatives we channel our leadership and advocacy, often in collaboration with partners, to address global challenges in areas such as climate change, poverty, education, human rights and humanitarian issues. Using our expertise and technology, Ericsson is working around the world to create a positive impact on society.

Click on each of the SDGs below to learn more about how Ericsson’s technology, advocacy, innovation and expertise are helping to achieve each one of the Sustainable Development Goals: