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We have always challenged the traditional ways of thinking. By innovating technology for good we make life better, whether through connecting people in new ways, building technologies for industries in transformation or creating a more inclusive society.

This is set to continue as we enter an era of 5G, IoT and cloud network infrastructure. Our massive connected world will enable us not just to reach further than ever before, but to achieve the once unimaginable. This age of advanced machine intelligence, blended virtual and physical realities, and complete network connectivity offers endless potential opportunities for human growth and progress.

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Innovation for an aging society

Intelligent care assistance, immersive experience, robot co-workers and connected agrirobot - our industry-collaboration innovation projects will shape the future we live in. Learn more by joining our live webinars from Seoul, South Korea. The Digital event is in connection with the Nobel Prize Dialogue in Seoul, South Korea.

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Tuesday, 31 October

06:25 CET - opening speech by Swedish Ambassdor & VP of Nobel Media

06:40 CET -  Intelligent care assistance for the support of loved ones. Speaker: Miran Mosmondor, Senior Researcher Ericsson Research Zagreb, Croatia

07:10 CET -  Immersive experience by tactile, visual and sound data. Speaker: Peter Marshall, Ericsson Principal 5G Lead with King's College London

08:00 CET -  Connected manufacturing. Speaker: Erik Josefsson, Head of Business Innovation, Internet of Things

08:30 CET -  Exploring innovative agriculture uses for 5G cloud robotics. Speaker: Giulio Bottari, Senior Researcher, Ericsson Research Pisa, Italy

Bringing Innovative ideas to life

The world’s most advanced football team

Leveling-up education with gaming

We are working with King's College London and Jason Williams at Rooplay to unlock education by making gaming more immersive with cutting-edge 5G technology.

The touch felt around the world

Creating an immersive experience

Together with artist, writer and philosopher Ali Hossaini, we are working to discover how 5G can transform the arts and impact sensory experiences, bringing cultural events to new audiences around the world.


Teach anyone to learn anything

The Internet of Skills can enable anyone to become an expert. Together with Dr Mischa Dohler, Chair Professor in Wireless Communications at King's College London, we are learning how to transfer human knowledge remotely.

Our in-house incubator

Our in-house incubator

Working with industry partners, Ericsson Garage follows a user-focused design process to develop solutions to real problems. Based on Lean Startup Methodology, the Ericsson Garage open incubator platform provides Ericsson teams and external third parties a space to co-create the groundbreaking solutions that will shape the future of our society.

With labs all around the world, Ericsson Garage represents our dedication to innovation, creativity and the power of original thought in creating a better world.

Discover more about digitalization innovation

Explore three key capability areas in digitalization innovation

The big data effect

The big data effect

Data analytics power the extraordinary experience for industry and society.

Connected and collaborative

Connected and collaborative

Process automation creates autonomous systems for businesses.

The ultimate connection

The ultimate connection

Reliable, robust and secure communication is vital in a ultra connected world.

Make our technology accessible and scalable

Engineering the future with network architecture

Engineering the future with network architecture

Ericsson understands that network architecture is the most crucial platform for the entire telecoms ecosystem, and we are leading the field in developing innovative solutions like no other, both for current and future architectural requirements.

Learn about our future architecture
Setting the standard

Setting the standard

Ericsson is a leader and key driver in many of the world's major standardization organizations, and as new generations of telecoms infrastructure emerge, we are leading the development of new standards for all major mobile and fixed communication systems.

Explore standardizations
Patents and licensing

Patents and licensing

At over 42,000 patents, Ericsson is the largest holder of standard-essential patents for mobile communication in the world. As we continue to invest in 5G cloud technology innovation, more and more new avenues for invention are leading us toward a connected future.

Find out more about IP