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Telecom security for a connected world

Our world is changing. As we enter a new era of connectivity, a new business reality is emerging. The race to secure tomorrow’s connected enterprise has begun. To capture the huge value at stake, the message for service providers is simple: Secure every connected thing on top of the network, and tomorrow’s world is yours.

Ericsson’s evolved network security is the pioneer of a simpler yet more robust era of telecom security. Our market-leading solutions equip service providers with autonomous, end-to-end telecom security – built in to each layer of the network and securing all connected things everywhere, all the time. Our security management solution, powered by advanced predictive analytics and offering increased actionable visibility, ensures that you can stay a step ahead of an increasingly dynamic threat environment. By making it easier for you to assemble, integrate and automate network security at massive scale, we will enable you to connect the enterprise of tomorrow. Welcome to our quest for easy.

Our approach for end-to-end security

Security is built in to our products by design, making bolt-on security a thing of the past. Based on 3GPP standards, our robust portfolio of end-to-end security solutions is guided by our principles of evolved network security and governed by the unique Ericsson Security Reliability Model. This delivers a portfolio which is inherently secure, easy to integrate and ready to withstand evolving threats against the network.

Security operations and management

A dynamic threat environment calls for intelligent security built on machine learning and analytics. Ericsson’s Security Manager provides automated end-to-end security management across multi-vendor domains, from NFV to 5G and IoT.

Identity management

Securing digital identity of individuals and things will become even more crucial as more personalized services enter the market. Identity and access management solutions are important for identity validation, consent, attribute sharing, and trust management.

Secure platforms and applications

IT alone will not take us in to IoT. Ericsson’s IoT accelerator provides end-to-end business security from device to cloud, where applications execute and run. Together, we are securing the performance of tomorrow’s IoT enterprise.

Secure network products

IoT will place unprecedented demands on network security. Increased authentication, encryption and security gateways on the networks safeguard us against the higher liability risk and damage potential presented by tomorrow’s connected industries.

Resolute security – anywhere, all the time

In the event of any security incidents, Ericsson’s Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) will immediately help you to investigate and manage any potential vulnerabilities on your network. This promise relates to all Ericsson products, solutions and services.

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