Success in network operations is providing high quality services to end user in an efficient manner. Ericsson Customer Support helps you make it happen.

    Offering Summary

    In today’s fast changing market, operators need to evolve networks frequently to cater for new demands and increase competitive advantage. Meanwhile the ever changing network with generations of technologies, numerous solutions and interdependent configurations is increasingly complex to manage. The ultimate goal of network operations is to ensure high performing networks that deliver high quality end-user experience. Leading operators strive for new capabilities to efficiently handle the complexity of technology mix and shifts considering business criticality and the emerging requirements from the Cloud and ICT transformation.

    Ericsson Customer Support combines technology leadership with a unique mix of global and local expertise to enable operators and enterprise customers to meet their business objectives. Our support services help you take advantage of Ericsson global support insights and innovative approaches to manage the scale and complexity of your network.

    With the complementary capabilities from Ericsson, our customers will achieve:
    • Improved user experience
    • Increased network up-time
    • Improved operational efficiency
    • Stability when launch new services
    • Agility to handle an ever changing network

    Our Support services offerings include fast fix of critical incidents, application of predictive analytics to prevent imminent network issues, software updating, hardware services, enhanced support during special events, and support for newly added products as well as legacy products.

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    We provide support service to networks with more than 3 Billion end users. We leverage established capabilities in the Telco domain to support customers in other industries like Transport, Utilities and Public Safety, across all aspects of ICT and its evolution into Cloud virtualization. Our Cloud Support provides knowledge and skills on the solution level aiming for superior end-user experience. We deliver through close collaboration with our customers and building on local presence with focus on business performance and risk mitigation.


    Secure Support

    Backed by its global scale and proven expertise in telecom services, Ericsson’s Secure Support services help operators maximize network quality.

    Assure Support

    Ericsson’s Assure Support service provides on-site assistance to operators introducing new technologies or solutions. Ericsson's support experts ensure superior service quality right from ...

    Extend Support

    Ericsson’s Extend Support services allow operators to prolong the life span of their network equipment and maximize return on investment whilst planning for network evolution.

    Preemptive Support

    Preemptive Support video

    Ericsson’s Preemptive Support service helps operators evolve network operations for better performance.