Always on the move

    Camilla Sahlén is always on the move. Her job as a project design manager with Skanska Sweden means she is constantly traveling between construction sites. And she always needs the latest information. Mobile broadband ensures she has all the facts she needs, wherever she is.

    Camilla Sahlén

    Skanska, a Swedish construction company, has more than 3500 projects going on around the country. Connecting its workforce using mobile broadband saves the company time and money – and makes life a lot easier for its employees. Accessing supplier, procurement and business systems is easy and can be done from wherever you are.

    Being connected makes it easier for Camilla to work as she travels from one site to the next. "I always have my information with me in my laptop, or on a network that I can connect to wherever I am," she says.

    This freedom to work anywhere cuts down lead times and makes her work day more efficient: Camilla doesn’t need to get back to her desk to send off a request, or to check when supplies should arrive.

    Mobile broadband, based on HSPA, is what lets Camilla solve problems and head off potential issues while standing in a gravel pit. Skanska has been using mobile broadband for more than a year and says it provides significant savings over other forms of information access.

    Skanska is in good company. A recent survey, commissioned by the GSMA, shows the growing popularity of HSPA mobile broadband and the enormous potential for further expansion. Of the 1000 enterprises surveyed in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific, 36 percent rely on HSPA to connect their employees.

    More than 70 percent of the companies surveyed said they provide their employees with laptops, virtual private network (VPN) access and other remote access technologies. Built-in HSPA modules ensure a laptop can connect to systems and transfer information securely.

    At Ericsson, we are paving the way to more freedom and flexibility for enterprises and employees with our HSPA solutions – with everything from imbedded HSPA modules for laptops to complete HSPA networks, and advanced enterprise applications.

    We are helping people such as Camilla build for the future, based on mobile broadband.